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For an easier navigation we have listed our new developments below. All the new developments in this page are either completely managed by us or we have the exclusive right to mediate the project.

Scandic Feel Estates is a subsidiary of Spanska Fastigheter group focusing on demanding international clients seeking a permanent home or a property investment in Spain.


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Vista del Mar - Peñoncillo

Luxury Gated community

Location: Peñoncillo, Torrox Costa
Units: 36
Project manager: Casa Nordic Elite S.L
Sales manager: Spanska Fastigheter  
Project form: New development  
Sales time:  
Status: 31 units available

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VISTA DEL MAR means stunning panoramic views of its exclusive location 500 meter from playa Peñoncillo, on the slopes of the hills between Nerja and Torrox, it guarantees spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and the mountains

VISTA DEL MAR redefines and sets new standards in the concept of real luxurious living with its modern architecture and gives you the option to choose from a number of interior design modes.

VISTA DEL MAR offers you an easy access to all cities nearby as Nerja, Torrox, Malaga, Marbella and Granada. Offering a twist of shopping, culture, food & drink, golf and why not skiing in the Sierra Nevada.

VISTA DEL MAR is a gated community that means high security standards and providing the inhabitants with
safe and secure living, and support and maintenance of the private zones.

VISTA DEL MAR have the best choice of building materials of maximum garanties and of last generation in all parts of the constructions, with focus on sustainability and ECO friendliness

With Playa Peñoncillo just below our community you have immediate access to the beaches, restaurants and the bars. Within the VISTA DEL MAR community you find two separate pool areas, realaxation zones, botanic garden and an indoor bar & health club.

HOUSE 31 — 575 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 32 — 585 000€ +VAT 

HOUSE 17 — 559 000€ + VAT
HOUSE 18 — 539 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 19 —  539 000€ + VAT
HOUSE 20 —  539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 21 —  559 000€ + VAT
HOUSE 22 —  559 000€ + VAT
HOUSE 23 —  539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 24 —  539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 25 — 539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 26 —  559 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 27 — 559 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 28 — 539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 29 —  539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 30 —  539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 33 —  539 000€ + VAT  
HOUSE 34 — 539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 35 —539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 36 — 539 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 37 — 559 000€ + VAT 

HOUSE 1 — 469 000€ + VAT
HOUSE 2 — 449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 3 —  449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 4 —  449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 5 —  449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 6 —  449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 7 —  449 000€  + VAT 
HOUSE 8 —  449 000€  + VA
HOUSE 9 — 449 000€  + VAT 
HOUSE 10 — 449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 11 — 469 000€ + VAT 
HOUSE 12 — 449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 13 —  449 000€  + VAT 
HOUSE 14 —  449 000€  + VAT
HOUSE 15 —  449 000€  + VAT  
HOUSE 16 — 469 000€ + VAT

Hexagon - Malaga, Limonar

Hexagon is, with its desired location, perfect for holiday rental and as we wrote in the article about “residential overview of Malaga” we have made sure that renting out is not limited to long term leasing in this urbanization, which gives this a great advantage over other projects sold to mainly Spanish buyers who often vote against the opportunity to rent out to tourists on a weekly basis.

All apartments have views of the sea as the ground floors also rise high above ground level. Nothing can be built in front that will obscure the view. Wall that ensures that there is no visibility from the pool area to the ground floor.

Close to everything. Hospitals, cafes, restaurants, gyms, health club, 10 minute bike ride to central Malaga along mildly busy roads. About 25 minutes walk to the beach. 5-10 minutes by bike.


Location: Malaga, Limonar
Units: 12
Project manager: Nuovit Homes (
Sales manager: Spanska Fastigheter  
Project form: Building cooperative   
Sales time:  
Status: 8 units available

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443.000 € Reserved
433.000 €
433.000 €
443.000 €
355.000 € Reserved
345.000 €
345.000 €
355.000 €
340.000 € Reserved
330.000 € Reserved 
330.000 €
340.000 € Reserved

12 bright and modern apartments, of which 4 penthouses (note that these have less living space but 2 terraces of which 1 roof terrace). 4 apartments with 3 bedrooms, 8 with 2 bedrooms. Large terraces. 2 parking spaces are included (including 1 underground with garage lift, see photo below) and storage room and kitchen included in the price. Bicycle parking, electric bicycle charging, etc. Note! For those who rent through our subsidiary company, there will be 2 electric bikes per apartment. The idea is that tenants should be able to rent these for a certain fee, but you can use them for free during the periods you stay in the apartment.

Fully equipped kitchen included. Refrigerator, micro, electric oven, built-in dishwasher and washing machine, fan, induction hob. Kitchen counter Silestone.

Double glazed windows designed to maximize light emission.

Building adapted for the disabled. Elevator in the building (with low energy consumption).

Aerothermal system (A / C) that provides an energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating of the home.

The pool area is 19, 20 x 4.50 meters which is a large pool in relation to the number of apartments.

Construction starts when 70% are sold out. Construction time about 18 months.

Financing. Loan option Caixa. Up to 65%. Flexible application with Swedish staff. Among other things, you do not need to hire an authorized translator for the requested documents. We and our lawyer and the project auditor will guide you through the entire process, including assistance with electricity, water, insurance etc. after purchase. The Swedish-speaking bank director is also happy to answer questions regarding the guarantee etc. if desired. Note that the buyer must be approved by the bank regardless of whether he or she should have a loan (for increased security).

Bank guarantee.

Already run a rental company that handles everything practical about buyers so wishes, including marketing, applying for a license, etc. Offices and staff on site in Malaga. Here you can read about expected ROI, developed by our rental company and a housing market consultant, which estimates income and expenses on both rental and value increase (it does not, however, deduct before tax). The rental income for a 2-bedroom apartment is estimated to be approx. € 33,000 per year, gross.

Payment plan. Reservation sum of € 5000 and € 500 to become a member of the association. Then paid in as follows: 25% (when signing a purchase contract), and an additional 10% during the construction phase. That is, 35% for a certain period of time before moving in. Note that the loan is not activated until the move-in. Thus, you do not have to lie outside with the interest rate during construction.

Estimated area fee: 1200-1500 € per year (final amount determined after occupancy)

Property tax: Approx. € 400 per year.

Sales manager: 

Anders Larsson 


Phone: (+34) 669 738 682

Emil Hallikainen


Phone: (+34) 633 335 423


Villas Romana - Nerja

Three detached houses with 5-7 bedrooms with basement for Spa / gym, (or any other solution or 2 bedrooms, a total of 7 at most). What makes these luxury homes stand out alongside the competition on the Costa del Sol are:

– The elevated position in a thriving environment overlooking the sea. They have long wanted to build on this plot, but have not been able to implement it until now.

– That they are large (up to 7 bedrooms if desired, or 4 bedrooms and Spa / gym for example).

– That they are designed in a modern, yet timeless and Andalusian embossed architecture (many luxury villas along the coast are in many people’s view too rigidly modern designed).

– That they are in a location close to both the center and the beach (900 meters). It is otherwise normal that villas in this class are somewhat secluded, relatively far from most.


Location: Nerja

Units: 3

Sales manager: Spanska Fastigheter Group 

Project form: New development  

Sales time:  

Status: 1 unit available and under construction

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There are great opportunities for the buyer to be involved and decide how he wants it, number of bedrooms, relaxation area / spa, etc.

The focus of the architect is on a lot of light and he has incorporated many sensual details into the floor plan. You can, for example, look down to the ground floor from the upper floor, there is light inlet at the stairwells, etc. The small details of this house are superbly thought out. In addition, the first buyer, a Swedish builder, has further refined the architecture with ingenious solutions for, for example, seamless integration of the pool area and the terrace, which creates a very original, aesthetic expression. Meet our realtor at his office in Nerja and we will go through the different possibilities with the house for you.

Plot: 500 m2 (green areas both in front and behind the house with the possibility of some cultivation if desired)
House on 3 levels with sea view and huge views of the Mediterranean. Located in one of the most sought after areas, elevated in an environment of greenery, flowers and colors. 15 minutes walk to Burriana Beach

Bedroom: 4-7 (depending on how you want to use the ground floor). All bedrooms are en-suite.
Bathroom: 4.
Living space: 308 m2.
Plot size: 500 m2.
Infinity pool with salt water with lighting and outdoor shower.
Outdoor pool by the pool is also included.
Parking: carport and garage with automatic doors.
Location: South.
A / C: hot and cold.
Solar panels on the roof for hot water.
Garden and pool lighting.
Grass, trees and shrubs according to the drawing are included.
Fully equipped, state-of-the-art kitchen.
Laundry room with washing machine dryer etc.
Wall-hung new modern toilets.
Waterborne floor heating throughout the house inc. basement.

Prices from 1 250 000€ + VAT

Sales manager: Anders Larsson 


Phone: (+34) 669 738 682

Balcon del Mar - Nerja (Sold out)

Balcon del Mar will be one of the more demanded areas for rental in Nerja, partly because of the sea view, gym with sea view, the high standard and heated salt water pool. Write to to rent the apartments in the future, or possibly buy an apartment when ready.
Balcón del Mar is in a perfect elevated position by the sea in Ladera del Mar Nerja, surrounded by rolling green hills and beautiful small residential areas.


Location: Nerja

Units: 22

Project manager: Spanska Fastigheter 

Sales manager: Spanska Fastigheter 

Project form: Building cooperative

Sales time: 3 months 

Status: Sold out and under construction

Terrazas de Ladera - Nerja (Sold out)

Terrazas de Ladera – magnificent seafront location on this new development in Nerja.

This will be one of the more demanded areas for rental in Nerja, partly because of the magnificent sea view, the high standard and the heated salt water pool. All apartments are sold out. You can write to for similar project or to rent the apatments in the future, and if possible buy when the building is finished and someone wants to resell their apartment.


Location: Nerja

Units: 26

Project manager: Spanska Fastigheter 

Sales manager: Spanska Fastigheter 

Project form: Building cooperative

Sales time: 2 months 

Status: Sold out and under construction